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Connect & Grow

Check out these great resources!

The purpose of this page is to connect you to resources that can help care for physical and spiritual needs, provide spiritual growth resources and more—all in one place.


Two Ways to Live

The message at the heart of Christianity is really quite simple—simple enough to be outlined in a few pages. It is a message from the Bible about God and His Son, Jesus.

“Christ died for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. 1 Peter 3:18


What Now?


A Guide to First Steps as a Follower of Christ. Thanks to our friends at Blackhawk Church & Craig Gartland for allowing us to share this resource.

Spiritual Growth


Door Creek Church messages recommended by the teaching team.


Spiritual growth books recommended by the teaching team and pastoral staff.


Watch Pastor Marc use Psalm 23 as a guide and model on how we can use Scripture to pray.


"The Psalms have served as the expression of worship, prayer and praise for God's people in all cultures and circumstances. They have also given voice to the universal emotions of pain, longing, doubt and even despair—emotions believers everywhere wrestle with regularly."


Walk through communion with a pastor.

Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual gifts are differing abilities given by the Holy Spirit to each believer to meet the needs and purposes of God's church. They are the equipment God gives us to benefit others, reflecting His love to the people around us. We don't choose our gift or earn them. Spiritual gifts are given to us. They reveal that God is here and working to fulfill His purpose in the church. We need each other! Needs are met when the church body is thriving and using our gifts in love.

FREE Bible Study Tools


Bible Discovery

Youtube is great, but there’s a lot of junk out there about the Bible that’s frankly, just not worth your time. Bible Discovery is not one of those. They offer trustworthy reflections and studies on every section of the entire Bible.

Lumo Project

There are lots of “Bible” shows out there that paraphrase the Bible or take creative liberties that distort God’s Word. The Lumo Project is a stunning visual experience where the actual gospel stories are read out loud, word for word in a Hollywood-level reenactment. Watch this if you want to “read” the Bible in a whole new way.

The Bible Project

This as an accessible way to quickly grasp how books of the Bible and major themes fit together and point us to Jesus – highly recommended.

Spark Bible

Let's face it...the Bible isn't easy to understand. Spark Bible is a free online Bible with embedded hyperlinks to illuminating sermons and explainers from some of the worlds' best Bible teachers. Also available as an IOS app.

Faithlife Study Bible

Study Bibles are one of the most helpful tools out there for understanding and applying the Bible. Unfortunately, the good ones are usually very expensive. The Faithlife study Bible is an app and website that rivals the best study Bibles you can buy, at absolutely no cost!


NET Bible

Imagine being able search the Bible like you can search the internet. The NET Bible is unique in several ways. First, it was designed by a team of translators and scholars at Dallas Theological Seminary to be the world’s first (and only) Bible designed for the internet. So, you can “google” any word or theme and it shows you ever place that comes up. Second, they provide you with thousands of helpful study notes that allow you to get into the minds of the Biblical authors.

Study Light

This website has a very good collection of Bible dictionaries, many of which you would normally have to pay for. Baker and Holman are very good in particular. Bible dictionaries are a good place to start when trying to learn more about a particular place, person, or concept in the Bible.

Blue Letter Bible

If you really want to mine the riches of God’s Word, you’ll want to learn to understand and interpret it for yourself. Inductive study is a great way to do that. Blue Letter Bible is a rich resource with tons of Bible study tools that will help you do just that.

Bible History

This resource has high-quality interactive maps, timelines and cultural background information that brings great context to Bible study. This resource could be used as a supplement to studying the actual words of Scripture itself.

BibleProject App

There are apps to guide you through a city, or learning a language, why not one that walks you through how to see the connections and themes in Scripture? The Bible Project now has its own app! It’s free and it will blow your mind.

Enter the Bible

This is a wonderful resource from Luther Seminary (another really good school) that provides concise introductions to every book of the Bible and lots of other resources.


Below are libraries of classes and courses that are great for individual or group study.

Western Seminary's Video Library

Western Seminary is one of the country’s leading Bible schools and they’ve created an entire library of courses in Bible, theology, philosophy and Christian living. These used to cost hundreds of dollars each, but are now free to the public!

The Bible Project Classroom

These are classes led by Dr. Tim Mackie, self-proclaimed “Bible Nerd” and creator of the Bible Project. These are incredible and you absolutely MUST experience them.

Biblical Training

This is a huge and growing library of Bible studies from the world’s leading Christian scholars and thinkers made available for free! This is stuff that you normally have to enroll in seminary and pay thousands of dollars for!

"Not Alone" Panel & Mental Health Resources

If you or someone you love is struggling mentally or emotionally, you are not alone! We are here to help you find hope and support in whatever you’re going through. Below are some resources our pastoral team has gathered for you to watch or share.


Yes, it is. A good first step would be to watch these short introductory videos about anxiety, depression and suicide. They will help orient you to a Christ-centered approach to the most common mental health problems.


Recently, one of our pastors sat down with some local counselors and therapists. In their conversation, they talk about signs to look out for and helpful tips on how to grow toward greater mental and spiritual health.

Watch this panel discussion "NOT ALONE" here or below.


Yes! We offer groups and Care Partners who are ready to come alongside you no matter where you are on your journey. Please reach out to Deb on the Care Team today.

God in the Storm (eBook)

God in the Storm

by Marc Maillefer

Now offered as a free eBook!

“When the storms of life come, we are most often caught by surprise—like lightning on a sunny day. This book comes out of a time like that, when my wife Lori was diagnosed with breast cancer—no family history, in perfect health, and then overnight her doctor tells us she’s not going to make it. Our five kids' ages spanned between 5 and 17. The fear was suffocating and at times overwhelming, yet day after day through His daily kindnesses, God held us up.

Lori and I trust that our story would encourage you and those you know going through a “storm.” God is with us and for us and able to use hard things for good in our lives. May this book draw you to Jesus and make you more like Him!"

–Marc Maillefer, Author

This eBook is free to download, readable on the following devices: Apple iPad, Nook, Kindle

For those that do not have any of the devices listed above, you can read it here.

Directions for downloading on all devices.

Need Care?

6:8 Resources - Living Out Justice & Mercy

As we live out the justice and mercy of God, our hope is that this teaching series helps you to take a next step in your faith. In addition to these teachings, our growing library of Christ-centered resources below will help you take the next step.

  1. Grab a 6:8 Devotional Journal and join us as we reflect on what the Bible has to say about justice and mercy.
  2. Read the article “The Gospel and the Poor” by Tim Keller.
  3. Watch “Justice” by the Bible Project.

Dig deeper

Check out the resources below to dig deeper into justice and mercy, including:

  • teachings from the DCC teaching team
  • links to free online videos and classes
  • a list of helpful books on a variety of issues related to justice and mercy

6:8 Devotional Journal


Can't make it to your campus? We're happy to forward one to you. Contact Melanie.


6:8 Panels

Door Creek Church Messages

6:8 Messages

Other DCC Messages

Articles & Books

6:8 Devotional Journal

Door Creek Church’s Micah 6:8 Task Force spent several months together, reading through the entire Bible to discover what it teaches about doing justice and loving mercy. Pick up a hard copy, or download the 6:8 Devotional Journal to retrace our steps and discover its teaching for yourself.

“The Gospel and the Poor” by Tim Keller

Tim Keller offers a concise summary of the Bible’s teaching about doing justice and mercy on behalf of the poor.

“Is Black Lives Matter the New Civil Rights Movement?”

In this article, Dr. Mika Edmondson provides a biblical and wise framework for how followers of Christ can discern truth as we navigate a world filled with movements like Black Lives Matter.

Generous Justice by Tim Keller

In this helpful book, Tim Keller explores a “life of justice empowered by an experience of grace.” Read this to see how the gospel directly connects to doing justice and loving mercy.

Redemptive Poverty Work by DR. Alvin Sanders

Dr. Alvin Sanders’ short book helps us avoid the common pitfalls well-intentioned Christians make as they begin to practice justice and mercy among people in poverty.

Uncommon Church by Dr. Alvin Sanders

In Uncommon Church, Dr. Sanders shows how community transformation is possible when churches like ours work with people in poor communities instead of treating them like goodwill projects.

The Color of Compromise by Dr. Jemar Tisby

Dr. Jemar Tisby reveals the subtle, but deep ways racism has wounded the American church. Reading this is both painful and inspirational and will provide wisdom for improved race relations within the church.

Podcasts & Videos

“Justice” – The Bible Project

In this short video, discover the biblical story of God’s justice and mercy for all people.

Justice Podcast Series – The Bible Project

In this four-part podcast series from the Bible Project, Dr. Tim Mackie unpacks where the idea of justice comes from in the Bible and how it culminates in Jesus’ saving work on the cross.

Reading While Black – The Bible Project

In this podcast, Dr. Tim Mackie interviews Dr. Easau McCauley on what it’s like to wrestle through issues of racism and slavery in the Bible from a black perspective.

Civics for Christians – National Association of Evangelicals

Dr. Amy Black is a Christian and a professor of political science. In this podcast, she talks about how to think biblically about politics and navigate polarizing political issues as a follower of Christ.

Is Black Lives Matter the New Civil Rights Movement?

In this podcast, Dr. Mika Edmondson provides a biblical and wise framework for how followers of Christ can discern truth as we navigate a world filled with movements like Black Lives Matter.

Online Classes

The Pursuit of Biblical Justice – TGC Course

In this free online course, you will take a deep dive into what “Biblical justice” does and does not mean. This is a helpful course for individuals and groups seeking to understand and practice biblical justice and mercy.

The Beginning of Life & Abortion – TGC Course

Part of doing justice is caring for women who face unexpected pregnancies and defending the unborn. This free online class provides a biblical and scientific introduction to abortion for those wanting to practice justice and mercy in this way.

Ministry & Disabilities

What does practicing justice and mercy look like when it comes to people with disabilities? This free online course serves as a helpful introduction on how the church can come alongside this beautiful but often overlooked community.

Race Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion on Race

Hosted by Pastor David from the Northside Madison Campus

As a predominantly white community, we want to share with our brothers and sisters of color our commitment to face our failings, embrace our learning and love as Jesus first loved us. Full version available on YouTube and Vimeo.

*Please Note: The recording software cut out in a couple of areas, and those sections were replaced with audio directly from the camera. The sound quality was impacted during those times.