Dr. Douglas Moo | Romans | February 16, 2019

Romans in a Day-
Sometimes a “wide-angle” view adds to our appreciation of Scripture. We will run through all of Romans, trying to understand the broad contours of the argument and how that understanding can enrich our interpretation and application of this great letter.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Dr. Mike Bullmore | Revelation | February 11, 2018

Dr Mike Bullmore dives deeper into Revelation by covering the topics "Pictures of Jesus in Revelation" and "What Should We Do With the Words of this Book?"  


Tim Mackie | The Making of the Bible | March 18, 2017


Michael Wear | Faith, Politics and America | September 25, 2016

Can a “Christian right” and a “Christian left” both exist? What does the Bible say about our political engagement? Is it possible to have a deep disagreement over politics and genuine love – both at the same time?


Jeff Hardin, PhD  |  Understanding Genesis:  Biblical Options About Origins | September 15, 2013