And then there’s God.

There are diagnoses, there are statistics, and then there’s God.

by DCC Story Team on April 17, 2022

Kristin Steger’s walker is named after her dad, because he always had this attitude that Kristin could do it. And he’s been helping her through it ever since.

She has always had God in her life, but God became very important in her life when she was 10 years old. When she was 10, she told her parents that she had when her grandmother had, which was diabetes. She went to her dad and asked “Why do I have it?” And he said that it was because “God knew she was the one of his four children that could handle it.” It was hard to accept, and it affected Kristin’s whole life. 

She started to hate even years because something bad always happened in those even years: appendicitis, a staff infection in her throat, etc. Later on in life, she had stints put into her heart—she needed five bypasses, and had three. Going down the hall for her procedure, her husband, Keith, and Kristin were going down the hall, but neither was worried because it was God’s Will. Whatever God decided, that’s what was going to happen. In fact, it’s proven that worrying makes you sick, and as she doesn’t need to be sicker than she already is, so she’s not going to worry about it.

Kristin is currently dealing with a new condition that one in a million people get. She has a cup holder that says, “I know God won’t give me more than I can handle, but he’s got a little too much faith in me.” Though, in the grand scope of her life, those things were small compared to this because this affects her mobility and her ability to be herself. But she has gone through all these things, and “there are diagnoses, there are statistics, and then there’s God."

Kristin was told that she would be dead by 40, but she’s still here. She turned 60 years old in January. They never thought she would be here at 60.

She will never be “cured.” To her, being cured is being able to cope. And the person that has helped her deal with all of these things is the Lord. Every time she walks into a doctor’s office, she knows that God is with her. When the time comes that she goes to be with Him, and she will be “cured” of everything, then that’s His Will. 

With God and Jesus, you have hope. And that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t been through some very terrible times, but she always has hope. And that is everything.

“I am a walking miracle. And I am a walking miracle because of God. I should not be here. And that’s God.”


This story, and all of our stories, are from people who call Door Creek Church their home. As you contemplate this story, may your faith be encouraged and your hope renewed. If you’d like to learn more about sharing your story, start here. 

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