A Peeling Back

10.07.17 | Video | by DCC Story Team


Growing up, we kind of went through the motions. I went to church but didn't have the relationship side of it. It was just a Sunday thing. It didn't permeate  my entire life, until we started coming to Door Creek and really until I started opening up the Bible.

My thoughts originally were, everything is performance based. I've got to perform. If I'm good enough, God loves me. If I do enough good things, I get into Heaven. That was so entrenched in me, and so it's been kind of a peeling back of that.

The whole transformation that God wants to do in our life is really kind of cleaning up the lies we've believed about ourselves over the years. When I knew the truth of who I was in God, life started to change.

As a sales guy, you always want as much business as you can, because you're providing for your family. God was putting on my heart, "I need you home more," and so I gave up 25% of my income. And that following year, God blessed us.

I remember the two of us praying together, "OK God, if everything in this world is yours and you've given us this, you continue to use the house how you want to." Within a couple of weeks, I'm mowing the lawn, and clear as day, God says, "Rob, it's OK. You guys are done here. You can sell the house." 

During that process, we really just kept our hands off. It gave us that room, it gave us that margin to be a little bit more generous with things. It gave us margin time-wise. I'd love to say, "I hear this and it's immediate action," but it's not.

Instead of here's my to-do list for the day, I've got to get this done, when my son comes up to me and says, "Dad, let's have a nerf fight," OK! Let's get the guns. Let's have a nerf war! That freedom, where we're not tied down and can't say yes to the things that really matter... 

The morning our house went on the market, my neighbor across the street text me a picture and there was a rainbow over our house the morning it went up for sale. Was that what my mom calls a God wink? I think it was. Some people may not read it as that, but that just drilled into my heart, "Just follow Me."