I Forgive You

04.12.17 | Video | by DCC Story Team

I don't think I ever really formulated any kind of plan, I just knew I didn't want to go on anymore. I knew where Door Creek was, I saw it on the hill as I drove by, and I thought, well that's close, I'll just go up there and go to church one last time.

I walked in the door, not knowing what to expect - not caring about the congregation, the preacher, the songs - nothing. All I was looking for was to say goodbye to Jesus, maybe. I don't know? I just knew I needed to be in church that Easter.

But then Pastor Marc got up and spoke. He ends the whole service with the importance of Christ's resurrection. 

Pastor Marc: The Bible claims that the fact of the resurrection of Jesus on the third day is the "jenga piece". You know what I'm talking about? That last piece, right? Before it all comes falling down. That the resurrection is the "jenga piece" of our faith. And you remove it and the whole thing crumbles.

And I don't know that I ever really understood that before. 

We were typical husband and wife, you know. We concentrated on raising our kids. She actually did put a lot more effort into our marriage than I did and I didn't appreciate that until after she left.

I didn't really want a future. I didn't see an end of this road, it was full of pain. I didn't understand why I should keep continuing on. I had nothing left. 

Dennis Scaglin told us one day at Divorce Care that he was going to get baptized. We were all baptized as babies; I didn't understand. He invited me to come and be there with him. The next time that came around on November 22, 2014, I had an opportunity to get baptized! 

Joan hadn't slept well for the last few years before she left. For some reason I sent her a text and I said, "I hope you're sleeping better, now." And I just wanted to wish her well on everything. That was it. I sent that at night before I went to bed.

In the morning, I'm sitting putting my shoes on and I get a text back from her and she says, "I'm so sorry for everything." I picked up the phone and texted her back and I said, "I forgive you." It wasn't anything I thought about, it just, I forgive you. And it was just like all the anger and all the hate and everything went and I was just full of love again!

That first Easter - my first Easter - at Door Creek will always be special to me, but I don't really remember it very well. But every Easter after that, I do.

I'm blessed, I'm really blessed. I'm blessed by my family, I'm blessed with my church - I'm in a good spot.