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The 5 P Method

06.13.17 | Storyline Bible Helps | by Darrin Vant Hoff

    This month, we are going to focus on the 5 P method. While you are reading a certain scripture passage, ask yourself these questions to help you better grasp what God is saying through His Word.

    I Forgive You

    04.12.17 | Stories of Grace | by DCC Story Team

      In the morning, I get a text back from her that said, "I'm so sorry for everything." I picked up the phone and texted back, "I forgive you." All of the anger and hate just went and I was full of love again.

      How to Use a Study Bible

      02.21.17 | Storyline Bible Helps | by Darrin Vant Hoff

        A Bible that is both faithful in translation and easy to understand is key when it comes to getting the most out of God’s Word. If you want to dig deep, try reading a study Bible. Here are some tips for making use of all the resources found in a...