Reopen Plan

The question we’ve all been wondering is, “When will our church buildings reopen for in-person gatherings?” Like you, we’re excited to worship in person! While there is not one clear playbook for reopening the church buildings, our goal is to create a safe and welcoming environment, adhering to the Dane County Health Department’s guidelines, that allows as many people to feel they can worship with us as possible. When we transition back to meeting in-person, things will still be different, and we want everyone to feel safe, supported and have a positive experience. For those who can’t return immediately, or in the foreseeable future, we’re committed to providing an online experience.

As we work hard on reopening our buildings, we ask for your prayers, patience and understanding as we navigate these circumstances. As a church we want to be wise and responsible, and lead and serve others as we seek to be a Christ-centered church for all people, where the gospel is continually transforming lives, renewing our city and changing the world.

While we still do not have an exact reopening date, below are some FAQ to help give you a sense of where we’re going and what we’re planning. We will regularly update this page as we have new or updated information. If you have any other specific questions, please contact us.


When do you think we might reopen the church buildings?

We are hoping to open sometime in August and until then, continue online services and watch parties.

What's a Watch Party?

Simply put, watch parties are where you invite, host and watch the weekend message together in your home. This is an easy way to connect until we can get back into the building. For those who are comfortable, we encourage you to experience the service together this summer.

What’s going to be different when we come back to our buildings?

The first thing that will be different is having to keep to physical distancing. Our venues will be set up accordingly, which means we will only be able to access about 30% of the seating capacity. You will see clearly marked exits and entrances. We will use more venues to spread us out and host more attenders (Sprecher Road Campus and DeForest Campus).

Our spaces will be professionally sanitized and have attendants in restrooms to assist. DCC Kids spaces will be adjusted to ensure their safety. Communion elements will not be passed out and all offerings will be collected in boxes or given online.

What are we doing to ensure the safety of our kids?

The health and safety of our children and families have always been, and remains, a top priority. Our DCC Kids staff is working relentlessly to provide a safe, yet engaging experience when we are ready to reopen Kids Ministry rooms. Things are always changing, so stay tuned! We appreciate your patience as we won’t know exactly what it will look like until we are ready to reopen physical space. However, we plan to provide hosted check in to give as much of a touch-free experience as possible. Kids don’t know how to physical distance, so we also have plans to limit room sizes and adjust layouts to help with this as much as possible.

Will I be required to wear a mask?

We suggest wearing a mask but do not require it. At the Sprecher Road Campus there will be a Mask Only venue with its own entrance and exit for those who feel more comfortable in a required environment. Otherwise, our campuses are mask friendly. If you feel better wearing a mask, please do. If it’s a necessity, you can attend a Mask Only venue or continue worshiping with us online.

What will my experience be when I return to the building? (from the parking lot to pull in, to when I leave)

DCC is known as being a welcoming, friendly and warm place - from pulling in to heading out. This is a value we will strive to maintain, even with additional restrictions in the layout and usability of our spaces.

Even though masks may be worn and physical distancing maintained, we will find ways to extend a warm and welcoming greeting. We will still offer worship that lifts the heart and teaching that connects our lives with the greater story God is unfolding in our lives. All this to continue to connect hearts to Christ in our services so that we can see even more people become devoted followers of Christ.

How will we maintain physical distancing during worship services?

Each of our venues will be set up to provide physical distancing. Because of our various campuses and venues, this is not a “one size fits all” method. Each campus and venue will have instructions on how to best move through the space to maintain a safe distance.

What about refreshments?

People are encouraged to bring their own coffee or tea. We hope to safely open the Mission Café at Sprecher Road Campus. Currently, we do not plan to offer self-serve coffee or refreshments.

What about meet/greet time?

As much as we would like to give hugs and shake hands, due to our greater desire to maintain the health and safety of our DCC family, we will not have these times of greeting until further notice.

What will the online experience be moving forward?

Both online on-demand viewing, as well as live services with a hosted chat, will continue so that those who wish to connect from their homes may do so.

When is it safe for me to return?

The simple answer is when you are ready. We fully support you, understanding everyone’s situation is different. As we update you with the reopening of our physical buildings, we ask that you make the right decision for you and your family. Therefore, we will continue to offer both on-demand and live services.

What if I still don’t feel comfortable in returning?

You are always welcome to continue experiencing DCC by gathering with us online. There is no pressure to return if you are not comfortable. Great lengths have been taken to assure a great online experience as possible and it's a great alternative for someone that can't make a regular Sunday service.

Which online resources will likely continue?

It is our intention to continue to provide all the resources that are currently online. If you have a question about a specific resource or cannot find what you need please let us know. Currently, links to online resources can be found here. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us.

Will there be any virtual/zoom small groups?

Yes. Virtual/zoom small groups have allowed more people to connect as we continue to reach more people. In addition, virtual/zoom small groups will continue to be a way to engage in ministry for those who are not able, or not ready to come back.

What if there’s a surge of infection later in the year, what then?

We are prepared for various versions of possible surges that may happen. DCC has a great relationship with local authorities, including the health department, so we will act on their suggested guidelines.

How are we handling funerals and weddings?

Our pastors and our facilities are already prepared to host funerals and weddings. Under the current guideline we can hold small weddings and funerals. This is a crucial function of the church and we plan to continue to offer our services in this way.

What are the good things that have happened through COVID-19?

During this pandemic, we’ve seen some incredible things happen in and through our church! We’ve reached more people than ever before with our online services. Your generosity has allowed us to provide assistance all over the world, including our back yard. You have made the intentional effort to stay connected to your life group through online software. While we would never plan this, God knew it would happen, and used it as only He could to see more people become devoted followers of Christ.

Last updated 6.25.2020