Devotional Plan

Proverbs Video Devotional 
Wisdom that calms hearts and guides our path

Have you ever wished life came with an instruction book? I have. And during these times, Proverbs is the place to go.   

Proverbs provides practical help for everyday life. It's not a list of promises, but a list of timeless instructions from God. Join us in the month of August for a devotional video series in the book of Proverbs.


Saturday, August 8
Proverbs 8


Sunday's Scripture Reading, August 9 
Proverbs 9

Monday, August 10
Proverbs 10


Tuesday, August 11
Proverbs 11


Wednesday, August 12
Proverbs 12



Previous Weeks Video Devotionals

Saturday, August 1
Proverbs 1 | Marc Maillefer

Sunday, August 2
Proverbs 2 Scripture Reading

Monday, August 3
Proverbs 3 | Ryan Morrison

Tuesday, August 4
Proverbs 4 | Sam Minor

Wednesday, August 5
Proverbs 5 | Adam Friedline

Thursday, August 6
Proverbs 6 | Mark Deering

Friday, August 7
Proverbs 7 | David Smith

The previous Reading & Devotional Plan went from March 22 through June 14. Thank you for taking part!


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