Storyline Resources

 storyline resources

As you dive into God’s Word and go through the storyline of the Bible, here are some resources to help you grow in your understanding of the Bible - to the end that you would love God more and be better positioned to love your neighbor

"The Great Ending" Notes

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Monthly Tips

In addition to the following resources below, once a month we'll have Bible reading helps and support that is tied to the year-long OT Reading Plan. These will be posted online as well as emailed out In the Loop.

Video Resources

Tim Mackie | Overview for The Storyline series

Marc Maillefer  |  Generosity Ladder Analogy

    Jeff Harden, PhD  |  Understanding Genesis: Biblical Options About Origins

    • Dr Jeff Hardin. Professor and Department Chair of Department of Zoology, UW- Madison

    Other Resources

     Audio Resources