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Two years ago, the leaders prayed and sought God's direction for the next run of ministry at Door Creek Church. Now we celebrate all the fruits of this two-year initiative. We have seen ourselves grow deeper in Christ, seen lives transformed, cities renewed and the world changed through the power of the gospel.

Rooted Recap


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We long to be grounded in Christ for the good of the world. Every part of our lives, all of our ministries, rooted in Him - our faith, identity and work, our resources and relationships, our families, marriages and singleness, our groups and our service - everything. The prophet Isaiah paints a stunning picture that you could title, "Rooted."

"In days to come Jacob shall take root, Israel shall blossom and put forth shoots and fill the whole world with fruit." - Isaiah 27:6

What a beautiful picture - God’s people taking root, spreading out and bearing fruit. We want to live out this picture together. We want to be God’s people who take root and grow deep that we might see the earth filled with fruit - lives transformed by the power of the gospel. Learn more about the Rooted initiatives in the updated brochure and stay up-to-date on the monthly Rooted Compassion Projects.


As you think about your giving, consider all the resources God has blessed you with, including things like savings accounts, valuables or stock. However you decide to participate, thank you for being part of the work God is doing in and through Door Creek Church!


  • For discernment to know where to grow
  • That God would deepen our trust in Him and our love for each other
  • For our friends that are far from God
  • For the marriages of our church to be rooted in Christ and find hope in Him
  • That our faith would make a difference where we work and live
  • For many to come to faith through our Sports Ministry
  • For God to lead us to the right place for DeForest Campus
  • For God to bless our plans to establish a multisite on Madison's Northside
  • That our collective generosity would be contagious in and outside our church
Personal Growth Plan

Our Goal is 100% of Door Creek Church grounded in Christ for the good of the world. So it's time to ask God, "Where do you want me to grow?" and the Personal Growth Plan is a tool that can help you as you respond by listening and developing personal action steps.

Reading Plan