I Have Already Shown You

02.17.18 | Video | by DCC Story Team

Pretty predictable, pretty established and pretty comfortable – that pretty much wass what the last 10 years have been for us. We sensed God's interruption into our safe, comfortable, established lives when we began to ask a different kind of question we had not asked before, “What do we really feel God has for us in our last ten years of employment?”

Each Sunday as we left and were driving home, it seemed like both of us were like, “Oh, was Marc talking to us? Was that directed at us?”

The title in the little series during Genesis was an Unexpected Journey. The Lord had said to Abram, go from your country, your people and your father's household to the land I will show you. I’ll make you into a great nation and I’ll bless you. I’ll make your name great and you will be a blessing. I’ll bless those who bless you and whoever curses you, I’ll curse and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.

What we immediately sensed were two things. One, the man was not young and even at that stage of their lives, God was actively speaking to them. Now that spoke to us at this stage of our lives. We are not 20 or 30 anymore. When God says to Abraham, “Leave your father's household to a place I will show you,” we clearly sensed that God was saying, “I have already shown you where you should go, and that’s the country of Ireland.”

We’ve done multiple trips to the island over the last seven years. It started with as just a tourist. We not only talked to Pastor Marc, getting his input, we talked to our Life Group and asked our Life Group to pray with us. And without exception, all of those who we talked to have all said, “God is in this. Pay attention and trust Him to take care of you. But this is where you should be going.”

Following Jesus and the call that He has for us is an amazing adventure. We don’t know what that adventure will bring us to, but we know that in that adventure, Jesus will be right beside us.

In that passage, God not only calls Abraham to go to a new land, but he gives him promises of of God's blessing that he will provide for them and do what He said he will do. And the rest of the story in Genesis proves it out.

As we are getting ready for this move – a big change in our lives – at times Chuck or myself will feel overwhelmed.

It’s probably the most disruptive thing we could imagine doing. It means selling our house, getting rid of a lot of things we own, our children will still be here. We would love to be near them. We love Door Creek and no longer being a part of the Door Creek community on a regular basis – that’s painful for us. 

He is faithful. He is going before us. I don’t need to worry. I can put that worry down – and I do have to do it often – I put that worry down and give it to God.  His peace comes. 

My sense for a long time has been that the most satisfied I will ever be in life is when I'm doing exactly what God has called me to do and trusting that Him to take care of all other aspects of our lives.

This story, and all of our stories, are from people who call Door Creek Church their home. As you contemplate this story, may your faith be encouraged and your hope renewed. If you’d like to learn more about sharing your story, start here.