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With a Grateful and Humble Heart

06.02.18 | Written | by DCC Story Team

    I have met some amazingly wonderful, generous and faithful people out on the street. I set out to spread the word of Jesus but find many of them have a deeper faith and more generous heart than I do.

    The Church is My Person

    05.12.18 | Written | by DCC Story Team

      “When asked why I decided to donate my kidney, I have two answers,” said Robyn. “The short, fun answer is Jesus. I’m a selfish person by nature, so science and rationale only go so far."

      It Had Nothing To Do With Me

      03.03.18 | Written | by DCC Story Team

        I remember thinking, God wants to spend eternity with me? And it had nothing to do with me being a good person. It was because He saved me! Knowing this, I knew I could endure anything.