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I Have Already Shown You

02.17.18 | Video | by DCC Story Team

    We sensed God's interruption into our safe, comfortable, established lives when we began to ask a question we had not asked before, “What does God has for us in our last ten years of employment?”

    God's Plan for Carl

    01.20.18 | Video | by DCC Story Team

      I've never felt so close to God as I did during the time when Carl was in the hospital. So I just kept telling the doctors, "God's plan is for Carl to live so you have to pull him through. That's God's plan." 

      That Doesn't Sound Like Hate

      11.06.17 | Video | by DCC Story Team

        Growing up, I was very adamant in thinking all Christians were bad people. I thought they spread hate instead of love, so I thought should use the book they base everything off of against them.