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Worthy of this Mission

09.28.15 | Video | by DCC Story Team

    I know that God is trying to teach me that my significance is not based on what is crossed off my to-do list. Putting His plans ahead of my own agenda is much more important and powerful.

    Just Please Take It

    09.24.15 | by DCC Story Team

      Within a three year period, I lost three very influential men in my life. But instead of turning to Christ, I turned 180 degrees away and turned completely into myself.

      He Loves Me Anyway

      09.24.15 | by DCC Story Team

        I always thought I had to be better, do more, push harder to be that "person" that God would OK and I've realized that there's nothing I can do. He loves me anyway.

        He is More Than Enough

        12.18.14 | by DCC Story Team

          Here I was, four little guys and just me. We were down to our last fifty cents and one day I came home with the boys and the neighbors had gone out and just filled every cupboard with enough food to sustain us. Looking back now, oh that was so God.

          The Turnaround

          10.24.14 | Video | by DCC Story Team

            I felt alone. I spent much of my sophomore year not quite angry with God, but just confused at why are other people happy and I'm not.