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Finding Jesus at Sin City

11.10.17 | Written | by DCC Story Team

    At that moment I knew and believed God is alive and real and He actually spoke to me. I hadn't cried in years and tears streamed down my face. I surrendered everything to Him during that service.

    That Doesn't Sound Like Hate

    11.06.17 | Video | by DCC Story Team

      Growing up, I was very adamant in thinking all Christians were bad people. I thought they spread hate instead of love, so I thought should use the book they base everything off of against them. 

      Sailing My Ship

      10.21.17 | Video | by DCC Story Team

        I had a ship, and I was sailing that ship and I could see the lighthouse there, but I ignored it. The lighthouse of security - security in the Lord Jesus, that He is guiding you wherever you go. He never left me.