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I Can Give that Back to Jesus

01.19.17 | by DCC Story Team

    As I've grown closer to Jesus and learned more about the gospel and what He's done for me, it's really changed my attitude as I view other people and situations.

    Turn it Over to God

    11.04.16 | Video | by DCC Story Team

      I started looking into Life Groups but because of my anxiety, depression and severe panic attacks, I thought, "I need to pray about this. I'm learning how to pray about this."

      Worthy of this Mission

      09.28.15 | by DCC Story Team

        I know that God is trying to teach me that my significance is not based on what is crossed off my to-do list. Putting His plans ahead of my own agenda is much more important and powerful.

        Just Please Take It

        09.24.15 | by DCC Story Team

          Within a three year period, I lost three very influential men in my life. But instead of turning to Christ, I turned 180 degrees away and turned completely into myself.

          He Loves Me Anyway

          09.24.15 | by DCC Story Team

            I always thought I had to be better, do more, push harder to be that "person" that God would OK and I've realized that there's nothing I can do. He loves me anyway.