Kingdom Justice Summit

In 2014, we here at Door Creek Church dreamt of creating an event designed to discuss justice issues specifically surrounding the Madison area. Our hope was to bring Christ followers from all corners of the Madison area together to ask “What is Kingdom Justice?” and “What could it look like lived out in our own city?” 

It was our hope from the beginning to foster greater collaboration between followers of Christ for the good of our city to the glory of God.  The 2018 summit saw over 60 faith communities represented and we're hoping for an even greater number on March 2, 2019.

We pray that this would be more than a one-day event. Together, God has called us to do justice and love mercy. What would look like for us to serve our city together? We hope to see you at this year’s Kingdom Justice Summit. 

Jon Anderson
Kingdom Justice Summit Founder


For more information including videos from prior years, visit the KJS site.