Grow Guide

At Door Creek Church, we are more concerned with who you look like than what you look like. Our hope is as we walk with each other and Jesus, we will all look more like Him. That’s why we have created this Grow Guide.


Just like a pathway marks an intentional route to a specific destination, our Grow Guide marks the intentional opportunities we offer to help you pursue spiritual maturity.

While this guide will offer you key steps to take along the journey, it is only a guide. No program, process, curriculum or class perfectly covers all the facets of pursuing Christ – that’s why the most important part of the process is people. We want to connect you to people who will help you grow.

So crack open the cover and consider what step you can take towards a deeper connection to Christ. For help connecting to one of these opportunities, please visit one of our Connecting Point desks on the weekends or contact us at the church office anytime during the week at 608.222.8586.