DeForest Campus Transition

We believe that having a visible presence in the DeForest/Windsor area will allow us to help more people become devoted followers of Jesus who change the world with His love!

These updates are all about launching into the next season of ministry for our campus.

November 2018


Big update!

A grand opening service will take place during services on Sunday January 13 and is open to all! We're looking forward to celebrating everything God has done and will continue to do in and through the DeForest Campus of Door Creek Church!


  • The mechanicals (HVAC, plumbing, electric, and sprinklers) have been run and inspected.
  • The building has power and heat.
  • Drywall has gone up in all the classrooms and hallways.
  • The parking lot is paved and lines are painted.
  • Trees and grass seed are being planted.
  • The town of Windsor has put in a beautiful walking path connecting us to nearby neighborhoods.
  • All windows have been installed.
  • Siding is being installed.

Colored glass from inside the auditorium


Classroom and offices


Children's Ministry Hallway

Trees waiting to be planted


  • Drywall will be going up in the auditorium and atrium.
  • Paint, flooring, lighting and more!


October 2018


  • Wall panels are up and the roof is on. After weeks of rain, it will be great to take mother nature out of the equation!
  • Plumbing is roughed in and HVAC ducting is being run.

View from the Parking Lot

Looking Outside From the Main Entrance

Ryan Sighting in the Atrium. (Check out that massive window!)


A Look Inside the Auditorium


  • Shingles will start to be installed on the roof.
  • A fire protection system will be laid out.
  • Drywall should start to go up near the end of October

September 2018


  • The wall panels have been going up. There’s still a lot to do but the building is starting to take shape!
  • Record-breaking rain has put a damper on things but so far we’re still moving along steadily.
  • The motion to approve the purchase of the new building was approved (82%). This is going to save us tens of thousands of dollars per year as we grow.

View from the parking lotView from the Parking Lot


Inside the auditorium, looking into the children's area


Staff Conference Room


  • Finalizing plans for audio and visual tech that will allow us to craft excellent worship gatherings for our growing community.
  • Inviting volunteer leaders to build transition teams to prepare for a new season of ministry in the new space.
  • Exploring options for turning the basement into a multi-use ministry space for high schoolers and beyond.

August 2018

What's Happening Now

  • We have a basement! Floor trusses have been installed.
  • We won't get flooded! Storm drains have been completed.


Parking Lot light postsPosts for Parking Lot Lights

What's Happening Next

  • Wall frames will go up
  • Things are looking really good for a December building dedication. This Christmas will be one for the history books!

Prefab wall frames

Prefabricated Wall Frames

July 2018

What's Happening Now

  • Site work continues on the storm drains and outfalls.
  • The foundation has been poured and formed.
  • On July 1, about 70 people gathered to write prayers of blessing for the community on the foundation!

What's Happening Next

  • After a slight delay because of a plumber's strike, pipes are going to be set in the basement so the concrete slab can be poured over top.
  • Floor trusses will be set in place.
  • The concrete slab will be poured in the auditorium and lobby.
  • And soon, rough framing!

Before you know it, our campus will begin to take shape above the ground and start to look like an actual building!

May 2018

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Moving Heaven
DeForest Campus entered a 10-week prayer initiative called Foundations, helping to center and focus the church on God’s heart for the DeForest/Windsor community. This initiative was established on the conviction that lasting ministry must be built on a strong spiritual foundation and aligns with Door Creek Church’s value of “Persistent Prayer.” 

Moving Earth
With humble prayers going up to God, it was time to begin to move dirt on the site of the new campus. A joy-filled groundbreaking was held on Sunday, May 20 with approximately 125 people in attendance.

April 2018

A Month of Milestones
On April 9, 2018, DeForest’s Village Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously approved the site plan for the new campus in the Bear Tree Farms neighborhood of Windsor.

Financing has been approved, and the construction contract for the 14,000 square foot building was awarded to 1848 Construction of Madison, Wisconsin.  

With these major milestone achieved, the dream has become reality. Builders estimate that Door Creek Church’s DeForest campus may be able to move into the new space by spring of 2019.

September 2017

As skyrocketing costs have impacted the construction market, a decision was made to revisit the design of the DeForest Campus' future site. We hope to get new bids that would allow us to break ground in the spring of 2018 and be worshiping together in the new building by Christmas 2018.

May 2017

From the beginning, there has been a hope and dream of a permanent residence for DeForest Campus. A 24/7 presence in the communities of DeForest and Windsor would allow us to reach and engage with the community that we have come to love and feel called to reach. This continues to fulfill our mission in joining God in changing people into devoted followers of Christ who change the world with His love.


Prayer and a Gift

We asked the church to pray for God’s direction and He heard and answered those prayers! We were offered 10 acres of land located at the intersection of Highway 51 and Windsor Road.

We are excited to take the next steps in building this permanent residence! As we look to the future, we see more than services and a building. Door Creek Church will be able to reach and serve the community through ministry in a way that we are not able to do now - weddings, funerals and community events.

As new homes are built around the church, people will be able to walk to a place where they know they belong and can hear about a God who loves them. By God's grace, we desire to be a Christ-centered church for all people where the gospel is continually transforming lives, renewing our city and changing the world. 


How did we decide on this site?

Door Creek Church has been searching for a permanent home in the DeForest area since we started meeting as a new multi-site campus in February 2011. The leadership and campus pastor have investigated several existing buildings and potential sites. They were looking for settings that would provide:

    • Adequate parking
    • High visibility
    • Accessibility
    • Room to grow

During this process, the church was offered 10 acres of donated land to build a church. This gift of land is located in the Bear Tree Farms development off Highway 51 and Windsor Road site. It meets all of the needs we've been searching for and will uniquely position the church into a neighborhood that will surround the site in a highly visible location.

What is the timeline for the new building?

Construction will take approximately 9-12 months. We hope to celebrate Christmas of 2018 in the new space, however much of the timing will be determined by hitting key benchmarks for construction to commence, including securing financing and raising additional funds. It is a little too early to provide a specific construction start date.

What will the building include? 

Our new facility will include an auditorium that seats 350 people for worship, wonderful spaces for children, students and offices. There's plenty of room for future addition on this 10-acre site. 

What is the cost of this project?

We have been given the unique opportunity to lease the space with an option to buy. The developer who gifted us the 10 acres is going to finance this project with the hope that we will purchase it in the near future. The land and building will be valued around $3M and the mortgage will be around $1.5M. We are raising $620,000 to pay for site development, fixtures and furnishings, bringing the total building cost to just over $2M. To date, we have all but $75,000. 

Where is the new site located?

The gift of land is the 10 acres located in the Bear Tree Farms development southeast of the intersection of Highway 51 and Windsor Road.