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November 16/17

What Matters?  

Life is short. Are you making the most of your days? We need to prioritize what matters in life - God and people. So how do we intentionally focus on what really matters in life? In this fall series, we’re excited to jump into three important matters - friendship, work and money - looking at what the Bible has to say about them.

Friendship Matters
Why is it that in a world that is more “connected” than ever we find it difficult to nurture deep relationships? In the first part of this What Matters series, we will explore topics such as how to be God’s friend, befriending others and befriending yourself.

Work Matters
Work? Many see work as a necessary evil. So, does our work really matter to God? Under this topic in the series, we tackle the subject of work as we study God’s Word to learn the Bible’s theology of work, how our faith changes work and how our work connects to God’s work. Intrigued? I am!

Money Matters
Money is a topic many of us would rather avoid - in and outside of church. But Jesus didn’t hit the mute button on this subject. Did you know Jesus said more about money than He did about heaven and hell? Some of the questions we’ll be answering is how God’s grace turns us into givers, functioning as owners or stewards, how do we honor God with our wealth and what does it look like to be rich toward God? 

Join us for this exciting fall series!