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Discussion Guide 
There are no discussion guides over the summer. They will return the weekend of September 7/8.

Big Mistake:  Lesson Learned

Facepalm! Head-slap! D’oh!! 
These light-hearted or serious reactions can display frustration, exasperation, disbelief or even shame. What are your physical reactions to mistakes? Have you experienced a light-hearted error, cringed at your own mistake, felt the flush of shame or experienced the heartache of a severe consequence? You’re not alone. We’ve all made mistakes of all types and levels of seriousness.

Switching Gears to Serious… 
The Bible is full of stories of people (like you and me!) who have made mistakes, some minor while others more disastrous, even fatal. The Bible doesn’t gloss over these painful lessons and consequences. How can someone else’s mistakes help us? Instead of experiencing the painfulness of poor to horrible choices, why don’t we look to the Bible to learn from the mistakes of others? Learning from others is a great way to save ourselves time, money, pain, heartache… you fill in the blank.

Join Us
This summer, we’ll take a look at Bible characters who made mistakes we want to avoid and reveal the faithfulness of God in the midst of our failure. Learn and embrace the God of hope and redemption.