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Discussion Questions February 17/18

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What does God want us to know? What is the Bible trying to tell us? How does our story connect to God’s? Is the Bible just a collection of stories and fables, or is it more?

If we could sum up the grand narrative of the Bible, this is what we’d say:
God is creating, redeeming and restoring all things to Himself, through Christ, for His glory and our good.


As we walk through the Bible this next year, we’ll find more than a collection of narratives, historical accounts, laws, genealogies, letters, poems, parables, and songs. The true and messy story of suffering, sin, and death that is staggering, but it’s more! It’s the story of amazing hope, love and redemption – God’s grace extended to us! Walk through the Bible with us this next year and learn how God created us for a relationship, has rescued us, how He’s faithful in our unfaithfulness, how His mercy helps us persevere and much, much more.

The Bible is about God, and though it wasn’t written to us, it’s written for us.

Let’s together get rooted in God’s Story – celebrating God’s mercy and grace – so we are better positioned to point others to Jesus, the main character of The Storyline.