Compassion Projects


Compassion Projects are extensions of the love and hope found in Jesus. During the course of Rooted, Compassion Projects will be regularly highlighted and financially supported. Follow the journey below of all we are able to do together through Christ by living out His command to "do good, to be rich in good deeds and to be generous and willing to share" (1 Timothy 6:18). 

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  • Liberia 2017 B
  • Liberia 2017 A

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Project Description

This month's Compassion Project is with Door Creek Church's partner Vision Trust and their work in Liberia. We have partnered with a school in the region outside of Monrovia. Local leadership is working to provide their kids with an education, food and a chance to step out of poverty. Thanks to our Compassion Project, we are able to support the installation of a new well that will provide the students and surrounding community with access to clean water. Access to reliable and safe water is a simple way to change the life of a child.

"According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 884 million people do not have access to safe water. As a result, more than 1.4 million children die each year from water-borne illnesses, and every 20 seconds a child dies from harmful parasites and bacteria."

Join a Serve Trip to Liberia
We hope to send a team there in the fall of 2017, and if you are interested in finding out more, please fill out this form.

Sponsor a Child from our Partnership
There is an opportunity to sponsor specific kids in the program which ensures they will receive an education, healthy food and holistic support. Child sponsorships are available at the Community Development Desk located in the atrium at Sprecher Road Campus.

Ways to Pray 

          1. Pray for parents as the nation goes through harsh economic conditions
          2. Pray for peace and a violence-free election for Liberia
          3. Pray for our students for protection and safety


        BIG SERVE '17

        • bigserve17a
        • bigserve17b
        • bigserve17garden
        • bigserve17gardenb
        • Big Serve 17 A
        • Big Serve 17 B
        • Big Serve 17 C
        • Big Serve 17 D

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        Big Serve Update

        Very thankful to all who took part of Big Serve 2017! Over the last six weeks (March 1 - April 9) more than 275 people served in our community. Our desire is to see more and more people connect through relational service helping the vulnerable in our community.

        Here’s what a couple people shared:

        “Our Life Group provided a note and small gift to a handful of teachers at a local school. Some of our group members are teachers, so we all understand how far a small token of gratitude can go in someone’s life. It is nice to know that we are helping to share our Christian faith alongside other DCC community members.”

         “It was great to come together with other retired Door Creekers to share a meal, social and participate in the Big Serve.”

        Project Description

        The Big Serve ’17 is designed to encourage EVERYONE at DCC to serve in the community during the month of March with an emphasis on our partners and relational service. We encourage every Door Creeker to participate in at least one project or to create their own project.

        It is exciting to see how many individuals, families and Life Groups take this opportunity to make a positive impact on our community. Rooted funds provide support for this church-wide project.

        Ways to Pray 

                1. Please pray that God will be glorified and we will be acting out of humility and love.
                2. Pray for an outpouring of creative, generous service by our church.
                3. Pray that we will have an ever-increasing culture of relational service at Door Creek.



              • madison wi winter
              • KJS
              • KJS Noble Ray

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              Project Description

              This Compassion Project went toward funding this year’s Kingdom Justice Summit. The financial support helped to make it possible for 100% of registration fees to go to eight local non-profits doing good in our city. Update: $6,000 was given to these organizations who are helping the vulnerable in our community. 


              These organizations were at the Kingdom Justice Summit on February 25, 2017 and had the opportunity to interact with participants. 

              The purpose of the Kingdom Justice Summit is to help us as a church better understand what is Biblical justice and join other churches from around the area to dream together what it might look like to serve our city together. For more information about the event, go to:  www.kingdomjusticesummit.org.

              Ways to Pray 

                    1. Pray that this event will support increased collaboration between local churches for the good of our city. 
                      1. Pray that our church will be more and more a church for all people. 
                        1. Pray that our church will care deeply about doing justice and loving mercy. 

                      WORLD RELIEF & ADVENT 2016

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                      Project Description

                      During the season of Advent, Compassion Projects and the Advent giving were combined for the good of our partners around the world as they serve alongside the most vulnerable in the name of Jesus. One of our global partners is in Mozambique. 

                      We partner with World Relief (WR) in the Mabalane District of the Gaza Province.  More specifically we seek to assist the WR staff living in the village of Chinheuqete as they mobilize their local churches to develop community Discipleship Groups while conducting agricultural development, savings programs and maternal and child health services.  For the most recent updates from our partners in Mozambique, please click here and here.

                      Our financial giving as a church helps make their work possible. But giving is only part of a healthy partnership. We ask that you also faithfully pray for this partnership and consider being part of a service team in the future. 

                      Interested in learning more about upcoming service trip opportunities, supporting trips and teams or national and global efforts? Click here.  

                      Ways to Pray 

                          1. The 77,000 people in the area we have been called to serve are affected by severe weather conditions. Please pray that people will look to God as their source of help even when things look insurmountable.
                          2. Please pray against the dark cloud of mysticism and false teachings amongst certain churches in the area.
                          3. Pray for peace in the midst of political tension which affects everything else. 
                          4. Pray for Jamene and other World Relief staff working in the Mabalane District, that they will be encouraged and see God’s faithfulness in tangible ways. 


                      • Grant Giveaway - VSA1
                      • Grant Giveaway - Sherman4
                      • Grant GIveaway - Gompers1
                      • Grant Giveaway - CG2

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                      Project Description

                      Boomerangs Resale Store, a ministry of Door Creek Church, was established in 2008 with the goal of meeting the needs in the local community. The main ways of meeting these needs were by providing the Northside Madison community with a selection of high-quality, low-cost products made available to a segment of Madison who could really use it, and also to make profits that would be distributed to local charitable organizations. The creation, development and implementation of the Boomerangs’ Northside Community Grants was the next step in making an impact in helping local Northside Madison organizations who were also working to fight are working to end racial inequalities and/or to close the opportunity achievement gap - two important areas that are part of DCC’s heart and mission. These grants are a step in making an immediate and tangible impact on our Northside neighbors. Below are the grant winners for 2016.

                      2016 Grant Winners:

                      VSA Wisconsin $1250 grant received by Dr. Tom Powell, which will be used to fund a 30-hour artist residency at Mendota Elementary School for the 2016-2017 school year

                      Sherman Middle School $1000 grant received by Sue Estorf, music teacher, which will be used for their music program, specifically to purchase 12 new ukuleles, 2 microphones, microphone cords, and a tuner

                      Gompers Elementary School $2500 grant received by Jackie Smith, Principal, which will be used to fund their "G.L.A.D." (Guided Language Acquisition Design) program, which builds academic language and literacy for all students, especially English language learners

                      Community Groundworks $2500 grant received by Karen von Huene, Executive Director, which will be used for programming at their Troy Kids' Garden; the grant will help expand its garden-based education programming and serve even more Northside children

                      Ways to Pray

                      • Pray that the staff and volunteers at Boomerangs will point those they serve toward Christ.
                      • Pray that the money donated to the above projects will benefit those in the community.
                      • Pray that the new Door Creek Northside Madison Site will launch well and be a blessing to the surrounding community.

                      ADOPT A TEACHER MINI GRANTS

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                      Project Description

                      This Compassion Project was a little different in that it is not about how we gave in the past but rather how we can creatively give in the coming year. At Door Creek Church we love teachers and want to support them as they work hard to provide a quality education for all students. We believe that teachers are at the front line of helping close many of the equity gaps that exist in our area. That is why we encourage all of our Life Groups or groups of any kind to take part in our Adopt a Teacher program. Groups can support their teacher in a variety of ways both in and outside of the classroom. Ideas, training and support are provided to make this a valuable experience for all. And thanks to Rooted, we have $4,200 of mini-grants available for groups to give to their teachers. These grants are meant to support a group’s teacher to better achieve his or her classroom goals for the year. For more information on how you can award a grant to your teacher, go to: http://bit.ly/2dUEzwn.

                      Ways to Pray

                      • Please pray for our teachers in the community that they will be encouraged and experience the love of Christ from the people of Door Creek.
                      • Please pray that more and more Life Groups will serve through the Adopt a Teacher program as an expression of the gospel in our community.
                      • Pray for all children in our community that more and more they will all have the opportunity to flourish and that they might witness Christ through the love of God’s people.

                      MENDOTA SCHOOL BLOCK PARTY  |  MADISON, WI

                      • DSC02885
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                      • Serve 16 mendota block
                      • jon and jeremy at block party
                      • Block party - jump rope

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                      Project Description

                      This past year Door Creek Church began a partnership with Mendota Elementary School located in the Northside community. Mendota serves a community that is rich with many assets and at the same time faces many challenges. This past school year Mendota was awarded one of only two spots to become a community school. According to the Madison Metropolitan School District website, a community school is "a welcoming and inclusive place that builds on the assets of the community to help serve the identified needs of the students, families and community through well integrated and coordinated, strategic partnerships.”

                      This means that the school is now better able to house a variety of programming and better resource their surrounding community. We at DCC had the opportunity to be part of the good work that they are doing and express the love of Christ through relational service.

                      A team of staff and volunteers, both from the community and DCC, met all summer to plan a neighborhood block party to celebrate Mendota becoming a Community School. DCC was able to help fund a portion of this wonderful event through our Compassion Projects. Not only did DCC help fund this event, but people from DCC served during the block party as part of Serve ’16. Over 120 volunteers served 380+ hours.

                      A great turn out from the community came for free food, music, games and sharing ideas for how to build on the assets within their community. We are excited to see how this partnership grows over time. #soallmayflourish

                      Ways to Pray

                      • Pray that the Door Creek community would participate in relational service with those who are the most vulnerable in our community.
                      • Pray for the staff of Mendota Elementary.
                      • Pray for the kids and their families who attend Mendota.

                      SCHENK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL  |  MADISON, WI

                      • 038DCCCrockCooking2
                      • 087DCCCrockCooking2
                      • 139DCCCrockCooking1
                      • 131DCCCrockCooking1
                      • 103DCCCrockCooking2
                      • 101DCCCrockCooking2
                      • 170DCCCrockCooking1
                      • 149DCCCrockCooking1
                      • 098DCCCrockCooking2
                      • 083DCCCrockCooking2
                      • 049DCCCrockCooking1
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                      Project Description

                      A partnership with Schenk Elementary School in Madison and Door Creek Church provided relationship building with several families. The partnership grew from a small idea/conversation (just a seed) with the principal and the after school program director. Our question: How can we help families learn to cook simple meals on a budget?

                      So the journey unfolded with organizing and planning classes called 'Crock Pot Cooking on a Budget.' Life group volunteers and Schenk staff worked closely to provide practical recipes and strategies for daily cooking to be shared with our Schenk families. Night time classes began and went for six sessions culminating with a NEW crock pot for all!

                      Within the walls of the Schenk cafeteria not only did we eat, share stories and discuss recipe options, we also built lasting relationships. Life Group friends and Schenk families built a trust and questions and ideas were flowing.

                      Ways to Pray

                      • Patience and continued persistence for relationships to continue to flourish with Door Creek Church and Schenk families.
                      • Resources to be available for continued growth with families at Schenk School both financially and social-emotional strength.
                      • Prayer for staff at Schenk School in all aspects of support for students who need trustworthy adults.

                      SILVINA CLAZMER  |  SUN PRAIRIE, WI

                      Adopt a Teacher - Silvina's Story from Door Creek Church on Vimeo.

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                      Project Description

                      Door Creek Church celebrates how God is using people from DCC to make a difference in the world. God calls all of us to use our gifts, passions and talents to His glory. Silvina Clazmer is a wonderful example of a Door Creeker who is using her gifts, aligned with her passion, to serve others in her community. As a teacher, Silvina observed in her classroom a need for quality out-of-school programming. Out of this observation was born both Camp Tuesday and Homework Club. Her story is an inspiration to all on how God can use our gifts and talents if one is willing to take small steps of obedience. Learn more about Camp Tuesday and Homework Club below.

                      CAMP TUESDAY
                      Camp Tuesday is a site-based outreach program in Sun Prairie that serves children who are socially, economically and academically at risk. Camp Tuesday is committed to sharing God’s Word and His love by building relationships with children. The program runs every Tuesday during the summer starting mid June through the beginning of August from 3:30 to 5:30 pm.

                      You can make a difference for God’s kingdom right here in our own backyard. Camp Tuesday is a family-friendly volunteer opportunity, so feel free to bring your children and together serve and love our neighbors. Serving opportunities consist of teaching God’s Word, helping lead children in worship, hanging out with kids, games and crafts and general crowd control.

                      Please contact Silvina Clazmer via email at

                      HOMEWORK CLUB
                      This is an additional community-based program offered during the school year at Creekside Elementary in Sun Prairie. It's held on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 4:10 to 5:10 pm.

                      This program includes...

                      • A safe place to work on homework and socially interact with peers 
                      • Strong one-on-one student/mentor relationships
                      • Connection with parents of Creekside Elementary School
                      • Helps develop community youth leaders

                      Encouragement for students to…

                      • Set higher goals for school and life
                      • Improve homework completion/time spent on reading outside of school
                      • Improve their confidence in themselves
                      • Transfer positive social behavior learned at Creekside to their community

                      Ways to Pray

                      • That God will provide volunteers who will interact with the children and build life changing relationships.
                      • That volunteers will prayerfully depend on the Holy Spirit to work with the unexpected.
                      • For children to grow in the knowledge and relationship with God this summer.

                      EAGLE POINT ELEMENTARY  |  DEFOREST, WI

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                      Project Description

                      Eagle Point Elementary School in DeForest filled up tables in their library two feet high with books for every student. For six straight hours, classes rotated through the room with wide-eyed students taking six books each to bring home for the summer. The books were theirs to keep! Eagle Point is a partner school of Door Creek Church, and through Rooted Compassion Projects, funds were given to finance the summer reading campaign for every Eagle Point student.

                      Summer Slide is the “tendency for students, especially those from low-income families, to lose some of the achievement gains they made during the previous school year." Did you know that research shows that reading just six books during the summer may keep a struggling reader from regressing? Summer programs, like Eagle Point's summer reading program, are in place to help close achievement gap.

                      Principal Ann and the faculty are grateful for our partnership and the generosity afforded to the students, many of whom can’t afford extra books on their own. Here are some words from Dr. Ann Schoenberger:

                      "The children clearly enjoyed looking through the brand new books and being able to pick out ones that looked interesting to them. One little guy told me how excited he was to have his very first chapter book and that he didn't have any chapter books in his home. Another student shared that he was picking out one book for his little sister because he thought she would like it. It was incredibly heart-warming to see the excitement and thoughtfulness as the children picked out books to take home and keep. They were so excited about their books that they immediately shared what they had picked out with each other and started reading - even children who aren't usually excited about reading."

                      Ways to Pray

                      • For more people at North Campus to relationally connect with students through tutoring or with faculty through Adopt a Teacher this next school year.
                      • For God to build a curiosity into the lives of students, families, and faculty at Eagle Point around the Gospel.

                      LA CEIBA  |  HONDURAS

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                      Project Description

                      Great Commission Church of Latin America focuses on discipleship and leadership development with the belief that the local church, powered by Gospel, is the hope of the world. The church focuses on evangelism through compassion projects including malnutrition clinics to combat hunger, health clinics to provide physical healing and construction projects to improve living conditions. They also have a program called CDI which is a children’s development center who serves at-risk kids. There are four areas where they serve: nutritional meals, academic support, medical/dental care and spiritual guidance.

                      This Compassion Project provided CDI with computers to support kids in their education which is foundational for them in finding a pathway out of poverty. Currently the center has one computer for their computer class which is shared by 30+ students. This group will increase to 50+ the following year.

                      Watch the video to hear CDI’s story and how through this Compassion Project they are giving their student’s tools and resources at this center to help prepare them for their future.

                      If you're interested in learning more about service trip opportunities to Honduras or supporting teams traveling here, please fill out this form.

                      Ways to Pray

                      • For safe travel for the team from Door Creek Church in travels to Honduras, that they would have servant hearts, humility and support the great work already happening in La Ceiba.
                      • For the Great Commission Church of Latin America (GCLA), pastors and their families. Specifically for a pastor's daughter is facing a serious health concern.
                      • For discipleship and multiplication to increase in GCLA.

                      MISSION OF HOPE  |  HAITI

                      • HaitiTrip08
                      • HaitiTrip07
                      • HaitiTrip06
                      • HaitiTrip05
                      • HaitiTrip04
                      • HaitiTrip03
                      • HaitiTrip02
                      • HaitiTrip01

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                      Project Description

                      In 2015, two of our pastors were invited to see what God is doing through Mission of Hope in Haiti. After their initial visit, Door Creek Church was very excited to start a partnership with Mission of Hope Haiti.

                      A team of young adults (high school and college age) went to serve with Mission of Hope. One of the projects they participated in was made possible through the Rooted Compassion Projects. These funds supported the Mission of Hope's Farm to Table Project and fed one Haitian school for six months. The Door Creek Church team visited with the lead agronomist to see the science of getting seeds that flourish in Haitian soil. They also toured Mission of Hope’s distribution facility to see how they distribute over 91,000 meals a day to Haitian schools. Finally, the team packed meals from the Haitian crops and had a hands-on part in this Compassion Project.

                      Ways to Pray

                      • Mission of Hope's vision - "As an organization following Jesus Christ, Mission of Hope exists to bring life transformation to every man, woman and child in Haiti”
                      • Deep and lasting relationships built over time as the Mission of Hope and Door Creek Church communities serve together
                      • For Door Creek Church and Mission of Hope to know Christ more fully because of our partnership

                      BIG SERVE  |  MADISON

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                      Project Description

                      Between Door Creek Church's two campuses, 1,700 bags were filled with healthy snacks and meal kits for families to eat over spring break. These bags were distributed at our four partner schools - Mendota (Madison), Schenk (Madison), Westside (Sun Prairie) and Eagle Point (DeForest) Elementary. They all were so thankful for the generosity of Door Creek Church (between $23-25,000 of donations was given). Watch here for a recap.


                      NEXT STEP

                      Our goal is to see every person who is part of the Door Creek Church community involved in relational service locally, nationally or globally.