Christmas Stores

Advent is many things: Reflection on Jesus’ birth. Latin word for “coming”. An expectant waiting and preparation for the returning King. Both looking back and looking forward. Advent is a season to celebrate the Savior, the reason for Christmas.

We're shifting our focus from consumerism to the Christmas story of love, hope and redemption.

Part of the way that we celebrate Advent and the Christmas season at DCC is to focus less about the Christmas culture of consumerism, and more about the Christmas story of love, hope and redemption. We choose to give our time and share our resources with others, especially the most vulnerable in our communities. We hope to reflect the love and grace of Christ as we give of ourselves. Join us in this act of worship this season through celebrating Christmas, serving and sharing.


Serving Together


As a part of this year’s Advent season, we have the opportunity to collect Christmas gifts for our local elementary school partners. These stores will give families in need the opportunity to purchase (at a discounted rate) gifts for their other family members for Christmas this year, something that most of them would not otherwise be able to do.

Ways we can serve together:

  • Stocking our Christmas stores with gifts
  • Volunteering to work in our Christmas stores

Learn more by clicking your school below!

Or, if you are looking to donate gifts to stock our stores, click here for a list of recommended parent and student gifts.

WESTSIDE ELEMENTARY (Sun Prairie)  |  Dec. 1

Volunteer spots for Westside's Christmas Store are now full! Thank you to the many people who signed up to serve. 

MENDOTA ELEMENTARY (Madison)  |  Dec. 18 & 20


EAGLE POINT ELEMENTARY (DeForest)  |  Dec. 9 & 11

Volunteer spots for Eagle Point's Christmas Store are now full! Thank you to the many people who signed up to serve. 


Sharing Together


Christmas is a season to celebrate the Savior, but it’s really easy to get distracted with all the busyness and "stuff" that comes along with the season. That’s why every year Door Creek Church makes a conscious decision to move away from the consumerism of Christmas and back to Jesus.

In the past, Door Creek has taken a special Advent Offering to support our national and global partners. This year, we will take that same offering around Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving Offering will support all of our partners around the world and will allow us to give grants to local organizations fighting to close the opportunity gap. Below is the list of this year's national and global partners: