All throughout the Bible, we see people getting baptized after first professing their faith in Christ. God saved them through Jesus and then they got baptized. Through the waters of baptism, one gets dunked, visually buried with Christ, and then raised to new life with Him as they come out of the water.

If God has saved you, He invites you to be baptized as part of the church and publicly identify what God has done in your heart. We invite you to do that here at Door Creek Church.

Baptism Service

TBA (spring 2020) 

If you'd like to be baptized, please complete the baptism application form (Applications for children grades 3-6 here.)

Contact  if you have questions or would like more information.

For babies and young children, check out our Parent-Child Dedication, a special ceremony in which parents make public their commitment to train their children to know, love and follow Jesus.